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  1. Jabo Ft. Stuey Rock - Sign U

    This was recommended to me. Nice
  2. Anthony Lewis Ft. T.I. - It's Not My Fault

    Nice track. Will support
  3. Links already gone. Anyone willing to reup?
  4. QUALITY Modern Soul Music

    QUALITY Modern Soul Music Hi All, It gives me a great deal of pleasure to post some quality music from Independent Modern Soul Label "Black Tree music". If you havent heard of them yet, peep their website and upcoming releases at www.blacktreemusic.com and get with the programme! This pack I have created for you is some of my personal favourites (sent with permission from the label) to whet your appetite. Enjoy the Soulful vibes (some of which are also suitable for dancefloor) so download at your pleasure DJs! "The Soul never falls far from the Blacktree" I just made that up - but maybe they will use it and give me some royalties!!! : -) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=21NSD1UK
  5. Lethal weapon vol 1 - 153

    Anyone got any more recent versions?
  6. Lethal weapon vol 1 - 153

    Hey man, Ihave most of the Lethal's on vinyl, but I am als chasing their breaks and mashup series (Vol 1-30) but particularly vol 27. Is there any chance you may have these?
  7. Nice mix man. Can you up a longer version though?
  8. Happy to help out if you can email to brett@git.com.au
  9. Snoop Dogg ft Jessica Mauboy - Get 'Em Girls

    Can you re-up this?