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    Ga. native Gripp, aka Mac Hogan was born in War town (Warner Robins), Ga. in 1987. Raised by two working class parents who didn't "play the radio”, ironically. He gravitated towards expressing himself through music. Being one of the youngest out of an entire family he was privileged to listen to a variety of artist ranging from James
    Brown, Parliament, Aretha, Anita, Earth Wind & Fire, Bootsy Collins, Run DMC, Raki Nice and Smooth, Tribe Called Quest etc. But if u ask him when he fell in love with hip hop, he would probably reply,” at a Goodie mob, Fort Valley Homecoming concert. Realizing he had an ear for listening, dissecting, and creating music he set forth on a journey of becoming and establishing himself as an artist. He first caught the music bug while following his older brother to music studios to record his demos. Finally it was one trip too many and Gripp began laying down demos with his brother and eventually by himself. Later he joined a group with a childhood friend and two others they called themselves “TNP”. After parting separate ways after a two years, we caught up to present day where he has went solo and is putting the finishing touches on his debut project at Soulville Studios. His single “Work It” has been getting a lot of buzz in the streets, and hopefully with this buzz the following will only get stronger.
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