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    Pierre Campbell a.k.a. "P.Skinny" is a rap artist and producer from Banning, California. He started his professinal music career in 2005 opening shows for west coast rap legend "SugaFree" of laneway records. P.Skinny has many production credits on underground rap cd's and videos. He later started a independent company called StickMan Visions with the help of Big Bones.He released his first solo album in 2009 titled "40acres and a mule". In 2011 he signed with Re$ Rich Inc owned by cousin Big Champ and released a mixtape titled "Virgina born, California Raised, Reservation Incoprorated". He is set to release another project titled "Feed The Baby" in the fall of 2012
  1. #riversidecounty #IE #bailout #macn4real #goodmorning @ Riverside Hall of Justice https://t.co/4oVVU06zyv

  2. singing bird at dodger stadium

  3. turnt about to sleep for 2hrs

  4. the town is turnt up tonight (BNG)

  5. going to the village pub in palm springs tonight