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  1. God bless all of ya'll and keep you away from struggle. Night

  2. “@SheswantstheD: I make wrong desicions, but they're with all the right people” story of my life bruh

  3. RT @drjohanson45: Lifes rough as an alien forreal.

  4. Probably best nap i ever taken in my life..

  5. I've got an angel

  6. I put myself on a high pedistool wen it comes to producing lol

  7. they ask me ay u high na i just like my eyes low like that

  8. Baby come backkkk

  9. With my words I figure i'll just hold you hostage. No ones leaving until we both get the point

  10. My new sounds: Chief Keef-Love Sosa (NeonBuzz Remix) http://t.co/8wsugzsVY4 on #SoundCloud

  11. Trappppppp https://soundcloud.com/vizzy-smalls/kidcudi-soundtrack-to-my-life
  12. What's your opinion on Trap?

    Hey what up ya'll im new to GreenHitz but I ain't really seen too much friendly discussion so imma start one. New genre is out called Trap. If you havent heard look it up and i gurantee you're going to love or hate it.. There's no inbetween. Just wanna get you guys' thoughts on the realtively unknown genre. Personally I love it. But thats just coming from a trap producer himself:P