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    Now Available for ministry and performances for the 2013-2014 season.

    The name B. Will'N, in origin, is an agreement of the artist as a fleshly being, and the artist as a spiritual prayer warrior of the Lord. The "B" in B. Will'N represents the artist in human form and the "." afterwards represents the death of his old life and the beginning of his new one. Together it is known as his death sentence or spiritual rebirth. What comes after this period is known as God's "Will" for his life. The apostrophe serves as a arrow of direction that leads B. Will'N to get back to the Word he once left. And the "N" represents the new man he became in the natural, after accepting Christ and conforming to His Will. Hence the name B. Will'N.

    "I have deep Zulu and Haitian roots so I love cultural music and foods. Not your average minister, I enjoy life like every other person who lives, but I enjoy mine in Christ. Learning my way to becoming a daily blogger, loving my family and using my gift God gave me is what I live for. At B. Will'N 2 Sacrifice, LLC. we don't have a set price for worship. If you need us to come to you, let us know what you need and we will accommodate you as you allow God to flow through our ministry. We believe ministry should not have a set price, nor should it be paid for through anything but love. If you would like to request our services, send us a email at BWillN2Sacrifice@gmail.com and detail to us what your specific need is. Whether it is bringing youth to your church, helping to build a stronger ministry, or even just to come out and minister in music or word, BW2S is here for you, worldwide. I love the Lord, battle rap, and all other forms of music. My goal in life is to replace Lucifer as the chief musician of Heaven. My goal on earth is to do God's will. Point blank. Gather the masses and tell them about God."

    As founder of BW2S, I work with my wife and co-founder to attend different churches and help them form ways of gathering more youth into the church. It maybe something as simple as having a gospel rap group come to church on Sunday, joining the church for a few months and teaching others how to keep the church interesting to the youth without taking God out of it. Or could be something as complex as having an extravagant youth explosion. Many have done it before us and many will do it after us, but none in the magnitude God allows us to do it.


    Booking and Press Contact:
    434-207-8009 (Office)
    404-202-9919 (Manager) Paris Jadore
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    God, Music, traveling, cooking
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