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    I have always had a wide ranging love for music in all its forms. I believe if you listen to something that makes you feel happy; you should embrace it (whether it is EDM, Classical or the Spice Girls). Personally I've always had what you could term as a marriage to Trance all while having a dirty affair with Funky House. Before I started playing (during my clubbing days), I’d spend most the night in the corridors of a club as I couldn’t decide on which room to dance in (Trance or House).
    My granddad bought me my first decks (belt drive). I didn’t leave them alone for the best part of two years, only issue being I had no idea what I was doing. Back then the internet wasn’t as widely used as it is now. I couldn’t just Google “How to Mix”. I basically learned everything myself through nonstop practice and determination. I’m also my own worst critic which I believe also helps in this industry.
    I eventually started playing pubs and clubs up until around 2004 when I had my son. This put pay to the live gigs as it wasn’t helping with my family life.
    The next few years were private events or parties only. I also started using the digital side of producing which peaked my interest and love for EDM all over again.
    Currently I’m working a day job for Fujitsu Services as a IT Professional but I’m also working as semi-professional DJ and producer. All this may change in the near future with me signing a record deal with Sinista Recordings meaning I may have to quit the day job and go full tilt as being professional DJ and Producer.
    Whatever happens it’s going to be an experience.

    Email: djrt@riktights.co.uk
    web: www.riktights.co.uk
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  2. MEMORIES E.P. - Coming soon on Sinista Recordings

    Hi all, The Memories E.P. is a joint venture by myself and DJ AUDION (A Croation producer). AUDION on soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/djaudion MEMORIES E.P.https://soundcloud.com/djriktights/sets/memories-e-p Finally Rik Tights has found a like minded partner to team up with in the pursuit of EDM perfection... DJ AUDION is a up and coming trance producer of some quality, throw in RT's creativity and you have the Memories E.P. SIDE A : One of the best things to come out of the trance scene, Sinista Recordings proudly present AUDION. This is an absolute gem of a track and is an essential to any trance fan SIDE B : A track we have been very excited about! This one features the brilliant remixing skills of Rik Tights (DJ RT) who has managed to make an already brilliant track even better, if you haven't checked this out already then where have you been? An absolute future classic. Dont miss out