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  1. haha RT @Wafunya: #FF @Boynayo. He is just another extremely dryspelled manual retweeter!

  2. nugu RT @arontyga: RT Radzville: Kalmelito eduadito chiqqito palito http://t.co/rKr8NgoWH6

  3. RT @UberFacts: Sex makes females pretty -- During sex, estrogen levels double, making hair shinier and the skin softer.

  4. LMFAOO RT @dmutati: Chuck Norris doesn't flush toilets. He scares the crap out of them!

  5. RT @girlposts: Reasons why I stop replying: 1) I'm busy 2) You're boring 3) I'm mad4) You replied with one word5) I'm on twitter6) I'…