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  1. 0731 yo thick ass >>>>

  2. What three things do you think of most each day? — Pussy Clothes and Money Thats All Uh Niqqa Want http://t.co/5BaCfoInO3

  3. RT @EdCmh: @PbfTank @lilEpeezy_____ smh aye ima beat his granny ass fr fuck beatn his asss I cn catch her cumn out her crib at night

  4. RT @lilEpeezy_____: @Lsn576CeoRell Bitch who tf you talking to . I ain't no hoe and I hope @PbfTank kill yo ass for saying that dumb ass sh…

  5. RT @YncOmar: @Lsn576CeoRell @PbfTank @chillymo_kano Dats lil kid shit, I knock on doors and pray Sumbody open it,