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  1. When is all this killing gonna stop in Boston . Now a 2 year old babies getting shot & killed smfh .i have a son thats 7 months shits craz

  2. 100 shooters in the Club . 100 bodies

  3. You may be obsessing about a friend or partner today, whether ... More for Capricorn http://t.co/Gdz65xmf9g

  4. Finishing up this song before studio session .. Tonight in RI .. http://t.co/sxXeKVWYUt

  5. Waiting. For that chance ..

  6. You are most comfortable when your feet are planted firmly on ... More for Capricorn http://t.co/Gdz65xmf9g

  7. If she know for a fact you care and making good moves in life . Then my guy . You got ur self a keeper ..

  8. Shawty ask me o do u still stay in the projects . I said naw ur mad late been a min . I stay on my own . Smh lol