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  1. RT @heykaatie: I want a "parked car conversation" right now ??

  2. @DJZeeti https://t.co/sBp6i7kM6S #newmusicalert

  3. Tisal is lit. I jus started listening to kendrick new surprise album untiltled unmastered & he got some joints on there #tidalwave

  4. You may experience a financial windfall today or simply make m... More for Taurus http://t.co/j4NEyfW1HR

  5. Everybody that voted for me thank you!! i won that shit! 1st place baby

  6. You are feeling restless and reckless as your sense of calm de... More for Taurus http://t.co/j4NEyfW1HR

  7. Soon as you get focused, people say you change..