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  1. ....that in which you focus on, becomes your reality...

  2. Fuck all them goals and resolutions.....2012... .im tryna make history...#focused

  3. "@RobWest3: @SeanBreezeYBM you fighting in Rome?" Yessir! Im not sure who im fighting though..ill let u know what's up

  4. if yall aint been listening to Adele ya slippin

  5. ppl should put in as much time actually workin on what they say they doin instead of flexing & just tryna get ppl 2 believe theyre important

  6. People only influence your life in two ways: positively on negatively..remain with the positive..delete all the negative..#positivenergyonly

  7. Just wrapped day 2 of 4mypeople w @YBMusicGroup @IamDerrickD & the future of everything film related @Dubsherz ..its gna b sick

  8. Greatness is simply the status quo now..our mission is to venture far beyond what the can even precieve...#ybm

  9. Lord knows, lord knows im heavy, I got my weight up..

  10. Great sacrifices lead to great successes...if what you want is worth it, then you'll find a way to get it...no matter what...ybm

  11. you can always tell when a cat ain't neva got$ b4

  12. I run the game, but them ladies think im runnin game

  13. Go follow the hottest independent hip-hop label in the South @YBMusicGroup ...

  14. The promo for this #HarlemHeat is gonna be crazy...just watch

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