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  1. MUSIC INDUSTRY CONF CALL FOR UNSIGNED ARTIST TONIGHT @ 9PM EST. Call (712)775-7000 Access Code: 459107#. @rob_day26 will be on the call

  2. BusinessEtiquette101: Cant take anything personal in this industry...business is business! Be about it !

  3. Soon as I get home.:.... ;)

  4. Got the photoshoot set up, got a couple of conference calls & a few emails to check.. bout to knock it all out.

  5. BusinessEtiquette101: Never agree to contact someone but dont.. it makes you look unprofessional

  6. Waiting to see who will upload a snow pic 1st...lol !!

  7. Good morning...woke up on a mission! Catch me Dec. 1 st on Nikki Rich Show!

  8. I need everyone to go to this link and click "LIKE" on my video "Addicted To The Money" http://t.co/XUoQZQCT

  9. "DeWayne&TeWayne" ...All new reality series coming soon starring Damon Tewayne Griffin & Damian Griffin

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