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  1. hit up the like button if you like a song! http://t.co/NChRhBNT

  2. HAllelujah HallelujaH!!!

  3. Hallelujah! HalleLujAH!!!

  4. if a africa me live i want every girl in the whole village! http://t.co/NelLV5Fw

  5. Me love girls wid some boobcaaaans! lol

  6. Top of upgrade u cannot up ma upgrade

  7. all who dont rate skevil betta hate EVIL

  8. all who nuh rate skevil u betta hate EVIL

  9. with good assistance.....what can u not achieve???

  10. I dreamt a dream..............would u believe its happening?

  11. Position you self enuh!...Whine fi me Baby!....CHeck out Skevil Don - Position! Listen and Download! http://t.co/4sPpjYD6

  12. I aint choose to ryhme....ryhming chose me

  13. If I could ever make it that big....I'd be a Taylor...wiz to di world...but tyga a mi dadz

  14. My new sounds: Skevil Don - Not a Problem (Mixed) http://t.co/uA3rTmEg on #SoundCloud

  15. I am out to get all of my Champagne on ice and pay for campaigns of choice is it a damn shame im nice? Check me out on: http://t.co/f4sOwE9C

  16. Check Out my 2 New Singles: Position & Cannot Make me...Download these tracks today Via Mediafire/Soundcloud...

  17. check out skevil don - position listen + DOWNLOAD!!! http://t.co/4sPpjYD6

  18. It Takes Effort to conflict

  19. If u don't put in the work...who said u'll be soo lucky to gain...

  20. I am skevil don me no know no man fi show nuh hand to...suh naw

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