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  1. jus jailbroke my iPhone. skipped school

  2. why cant i recieve picture messages on my iPhone. NOOOOO

  3. Just smoked a whole 7g with my partna

  4. So The WHole 8Bit Hero (all 5) is just 25$ for a leasing bundle? @JohnnyJuliano

  5. Im high as fxck. Mann. Me n lil yari n dee got geeked as fxck. Got dat #newPlug on deck

  6. this nigga Drake stole Juvenille Lyrics.

  7. im concrete. yall lunch meat.

  8. in my renoom wanatching tv. denamn im bord as fanuck. where da fanuck my iPhonome

  9. another amber cole vid?

  10. i need a job. ima try to be a YouTube Partner. i need sumn to do though

  11. That Rotc nigga took my phone. n left the school early w/ myshit

  12. #midnightsnack Gummy Lifesavers that i took from family dollar today

  13. uuh http://t.co/CKqvaDX2 that shit fye. 10 dollas an hour

  14. dat iphone screen repair cosst 50$. but its on sale. for 6$ on amazon. #ohYEA

  15. just got dat @WeAreRebelGang armed n dangerous tone on da iPhone

  16. treat dat pussy like tina, im ike'n it. beat it up

  17. Somebody DM they number I'm bored.

  18. Happy AF. i Love u Black Friday

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