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  1. niggas get 48 hours to tell me if they fuckin wit a beat after that it gets emailed elsewhere Lol #NoGas

  2. I disagree with people for fun just to see them get mad I really dont care about anything that much unless it makes me money Lol

  3. Its about time you record to that oomf beat lol RT @BEATKINGKONG: @JUSSFRESH @CSharp_C3ENT lmao

  4. ME @ShostoppaTX and @Beatkingkong could have a funny ass TV show we have no fucking sense.

  5. s/o Rappers that think shouting a producer out is payment Lol

  6. RT @BAdaGREAT "U gotta charge niggas regardless bro! Rather its 2 promo or 4 use!"

  7. I wanna get Gunplay on my next song I know he would crash this shit {checks bank account} Lol

  8. Checking out "D Bando - Can't Be Stopped Pt. 2 (Mixtape)" on The Hustlafide Corner: http://t.co/oZOA3Mj3

  9. I think I'm done doing free shit and favors

  10. currently learning a lesson welp can't say I aint say or see that shit from the jump

  11. does anybody know a sight where i can download some custom android themes for my phone

  12. 01 Mulah Master.mp3 - Hulk Share - Easy way to share your files: http://t.co/MRYTwO5q via @AddThis

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