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  1. A @FessGotchu fuck 1 we on 3 !! Dey aint ready #dablockent

  2. I hate basic r average bitches dat tweet like dey #badbitches #ijs

  3. Send anything music related 2 tydahardest@gmail.com if u wanna sneak peek a few tracks if mine send me ua email address m ill send da music

  4. "@HeyIts_Bubblez: @Tydahardest187 Damn Smh !!" Rite

  5. Hot shower den gone kick it wit my fam ..

  6. Bottles on deck .. Dressed supafresh ... goin out 2 have fun 2nite .. Were u gone b at ??

  7. Now followin @MONIQUEIAM I neva seen dem cakes n my part of #sp

  8. Workn on dis music 4 dis session wit my bro @FessGotchu on friday

  9. I wanna take dis time 2 say I appreciate all my fans n followers

  10. Now im really getn off my L is rolled n calln me 2 put my lips on her

  11. Tryna start a #wutsitgonebe an a #scaredmoney trend 4 responses 2 my new songs send ua email ill send da songs u post a response wit da #tt

  12. Tl dead as shit studio session 2 mar so im taken it down ...

  13. My twitter has a high number of tweets becuz I get low numbers of sleep

  14. Follow @NIzKiNgOfHoOkS @FessGotchu we out here grindin wit dis music n I respect wut des dudes do .. Lets get it!!!

  15. Getn my music 2gether 2 work wit @FessGotchu 2mar ... More hits on da way!! #dablockent

  16. Dats y dem otha girls aint fuckn wit u .. U aint my girl but im fuckn wit ua #tydahardest

  17. Networking with DJs via @GreenHitz!

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