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  1. cooking thanks giving dinner wit the squad @Lurk_Nasty and @SlickBandito. Turky in the oven, greens done, mac and cheese too......#Thankful

  2. you once thought I was a lame, girl I aint runnin game, just let my nigga hit it once while you gimme sum brain lol #OldHoez

  3. theres nothing like family

  4. i got mo chips thn a large bag of Lays nd get mo pussy thn a animal hospital. Not to sound cocky or nun but #iDObelivEiMdaSHIT tell Charmin

  5. yesterday was so weird and fucked up, yet everything was all good and worked out....#DASHITCRAZY

  6. these niggas goin broke, they say its a reccession......tell em @GeekDaVinci said fuck with #TheFraternity

  7. if you really feelin me, I ask that you just help me succeed, post my music on your wall, let your friends hear me out....thank you

  8. you know what, now that I think about it, my friends are either rappers, singers, promotors, models or hosts or A&R reps.....#GoinPlaces

  9. on the track I spit my lifestyle, I spit from the heart, I spit what I know, I spit what iv been thru, I spit... http://t.co/X2Frff3m

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