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  1. Ayyyyyy can we get my boy @TheKidMars to a 120 followers?? If u do I'll either follow you back or give you s/o let's go!!!

  2. Was at work lil bro! What's good?? RT “@TheKidMars: Where's my brother @DeeJayXquizite at yo?”

  3. Let's go #Lakers! I love #LA fuck the haters ;)

  4. #GirlsShould stop complaining that no one loves em, especially the ones that have fucked every dude out there!

  5. Family always comes first, no matter what situation your in

  6. Chuck, Chuck, Chuckin' up the Deuces! http://t.co/PcJXUTx5

  7. Just got back to the crib tired as fuck ha! RT “@ChasePresidents: @DeeJayXquizite word? niggas got mad bottles and shit...”

  8. NBA 2K11 w/ some coffee = Life

  9. WTF is #sikerimboylefenerbahceyi ??? & why the fuck is it trending? o.o

  10. You did the wrong thing, to the right girl

  11. Merry Christmas to all, & to all a good night! #Christmas #Tree http://t.co/yAW4ATDh

  12. #CelebrityOfTheYear = Charlie Sheen! No doubt about it!

  13. Aiight now I think it's time for my ass too knock out! I've been up for too fucking long. Goodnight World!

  14. Bored as fuck at work! Someone hit me up! Ha!

  15. I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying

  16. NBA resume, ballin' be my occupation

  17. #Packers become 12-1, #Colts become 1-13 what has this world come too??

  18. RT!! Like the official page of DJ Xquizite on #Facebook! http://t.co/KGLWFv8p

  19. #Eagles up 28 - 13 at the half! Let's go Phili!

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