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  1. The Trap House Haunted hosted by Dizzle Da Don by A.K.A. x Jay Hen Gwoppa http://mixbird.com/mixtapes/listen/aka_x_jay_hen_gwoppa-the_trap_house_haunted_hosted_by_dizzle_da_don_by_aka_x_jay_hen_gwoppa Follow Us @akagwoppagang @DizzleDaDon @JayHenGwoppa #PACMAN by A.k.A. Hosted by Jay Hen Gwoppa x Dizzle Da Don Follow Us @akagwoppagang @DizzleDaDon @JayHenGwoppa http://mixbird.com/mixtapes/listen/aka-pacman_by_aka_hosted_by_jay_hen_gwoppa_x_dizzle_da_don
  2. http://mixbird.com/mixtapes/listen/aka-pacman_by_aka_hosted_by_jay_hen_gwoppa_x_dizzle_da_don
  3. Jay Hen Gwoppa & Don Perrion - 1 Stop Shop 4 http://indy.livemixt...top_shop_4.html Follow @DizzleDaDon x @CartuneNetwerk x @JayHenGwoppa @ItsDonPerrion CEO of #GwoppaGang // Upcoming Recording Artist // For Booking, Features, Etc. *Serious Inquiries Only* Contact At: JayHenGwoppa@gmail.com http://www.facebook....JayHenakaGwoppa
  4. Jay Hen Gwoppa - Gwoppa Intoxicated @https://twitter.com/#!/JayHenGwoppa http://indy.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/15318/jay_hen_gwoppa_gwoppa_intoxicated.html
  5. http://indy.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/15318/jay_hen_gwoppa_gwoppa_intoxicated.html Jay Hen Gwoppa - Gwoppa Intoxicated - Cartune Netwerkindy.livemixtapes.comJay Hen Gwoppa - Gwoppa Intoxicated - Cartune Netwerk - Free Mixtape Download And StreamFollow @IndyTapes, @CartuneNetwerk & @JayHenGwoppa
  6. All these Tracks Go Hard!! [Mixtape]!! @JayHenGwoppa - Gwoppa Intoxicated Hosted by Dizzle Da Don http://t.co/EQrXbLP6 10x

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