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  1. All of my 11:11 wishes finally came true, when I met you.

  2. I'm happy, happy, happy, happy. (:

  3. When you still smell like her.

  4. Today was a day to remember.

  5. Damn, she's determined to get me to call her. It's kinda cute though, when someone wants to talk to you almost every night on the phone. (:

  6. She's so adorable, aw. ^.^

  7. God can do some amazing things, don't ever doubt the things he can do for you. (':

  8. It's my turn to be happy. #swag

  9. Ugh, why am I so nice... ._.

  10. When you wake up at 2 & can't fall back asleep.. -__- .

  11. God, if this is a sign, then I've gotta say... Thank you so much for the wait, I hope that it'll be worthwhile

  12. Go hard in the motherfuckinnn' paint.

  13. It's so cold outside, what the fuck !? -_-

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