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  1. They said you leavin YM is it true, and brah said hell yeah...hell yeah...fuckin right....damn right all right...

  2. Druuuuuuunk.....awh yeah when I get my hands on miss thing it's a wrap....

  3. hit me up for video editing info.Check this video out -- royce the 5'9 @ headliners http://t.co/S7fL3Qid via @youtube

  4. you know ur guarunteed to get fukced up, when the weeds called "headband"...

  5. Homie kills.....Watch "Dj knitti mixing live @ 104.3" on YouTube http://t.co/hJ4OIaP3

  6. Check this video out -- Dj knitti mixing live @ 104.3 http://t.co/VGtl6sSM via @youtube

  7. Writing the obituary for the old me...

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