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  1. Man it's freezing in LA wass real tho

  2. S/O @MeekMill for taking that Who Got Next!! #salute

  3. Sucker Free Awards!! tonight Lehh Goo

  4. And all of yo friends telling u stories that u often interpret or entertain images of yo Mr.Perfect

  5. “@DJSPINATIK: #StreetRunnaz 62 & Dreamscape 3 next week... Make room on ya iPod!” #StreetRunnaz ByYcH

  6. I been working with negatives to make for better pics

  7. Don't listen to the lies I swear they all lies

  8. “@GreatestQuotes: "Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expect of you." - Henry Ward Beecher”

  9. This was a Very Interesting Year

  10. “@GreatestQuotes: We generally change ourselves for one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation." - Jim Rohn”

  11. Candy on the ave.. Candy on the slab @BIRDMAN5STAR #voice

  12. At least I got something done today Back n the studio next week for mY new Project Currently Untitled #backatit #newlevel

  13. I hate being up MADD early and can't go back to sleep @trixxbeats needs to send them tracks tho foo

  14. We from a small town ain't much to do but talk and listen.. The men are jealous and the women all in competition

  15. Boxer Adrien Broner Refuses To Do An Interview Until His Father Brushes His Hair! "Aye. Aye, Pops! Come Brush My Hair" http://t.co/wAoHesFm

  16. I got them moves Like Jagger

  17. Tell me lies make it sound good make it sound good.. Do me like the women from my town would!

  18. omg I really jus saw a shooting star real talk Blessings

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