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    CEO/Engineer at Evergreen Music for the past 30 years. We record the best in gospel, hip hop and r&b.
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    Information Technology, Music Publishing, and Recording
  1. Coming 1/3/12 http://t.co/iqfgoMqc by Pastor C. Guy Robinson songwriter of (When My Season Comes, Shout Unto God) on Amazon,iTunes,etc

  2. Looking for energetic hip hop beats, tracks for film/tv placement. Send original tracks (no samples) to evergreeninpa@aol.com

  3. Coming 1/3/12 Pastor C. Guy Robinson and The United Voices of the Tabernacle & Friends... http://t.co/iqfgoMqc

  4. Here's the YouTube Video Song Of The Day - "Tha Paper" by @DKakaWayneWatts feat. The Beach Boys & Biggie... http://t.co/cPNxiUfT

  5. RT Check out @DKakaWayneWatts "Tha Paper" feat. The Beach Boys & Biggie http://t.co/cPNxiUfT

  6. New Gig announced in Denver, CO at MiniBar on 11/29/2011 http://t.co/rMuZarUf

  7. Let's Celebrate" new single via Evergreen Music's gospel recording artist Pastor C. Guy Robinson on Amazon http://t.co/Mxot16c0

  8. New Gig announced in Denver, CO at Jazz @ Jacks on 11/27/2011 http://t.co/6xh9BRcR

  9. Song Submit Top 20 artist (@DKakaWayne Watts) http://t.co/ZDpbbfj1

  10. LISTEN TO Evergreen Music's @DKakaWayneWatts http://t.co/N1xmtSQV ...THEN VOTE http://t.co/tzDeOfDj as FM 92Q Jamz "Hottest Bmore Rapper"

  11. VOTES NEEDED Evergreen Music's @DKakaWayneWatts LISTEN http://t.co/N1xmtSQV VOTE http://t.co/tzDeOfDj FM 92Q Jamz "Hottest Bmore Rapper"

  12. Music from Evergreen Music's @DKakaWayneWatts http://t.co/N1xmtSQV NOW VOTE HIM FM 92 Q Jamz "Hottest Bmore Rapper" http://t.co/tzDeOfDj

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