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  1. Santa Clause Really Need To Pay @Nay_Zilla A Visit ctfu

  2. Writing Music Early In The AM, This What I Live For. #MusicMotivates

  3. I do wish I was havin sex tho...

  4. Omw home from skool, bout to relax myself and prolli sleep,

  5. Takin this nut ass test, I aint study either #TeamFail

  6. time to go to work, and ya pussy is the business.

  7. As you get older, things start to change.

  8. Im a straight forward person, jus keep it real wit me and you'll be good.

  9. Up watchin Family Guy.

  10. #1omf was ctfu on the phone wit me, i felt like Kevin Hart lol

  11. Turning free stuff down is like turning down sex...

  12. Out trick or treatin

  13. gettin real pissed off and aggravated....

  14. Im tryna make the goosebumps of ya inner thigh show, I let yu beat me there far as finishlines go #FavoriteDrakeLyric

  15. Females that can play video games >

  16. In Need Of A New Bestfriend.

  17. #HardestThingToDo Is To Watch The One You Love, Love Someone Else.

  18. helpin cook sunday dinner

  19. Look at yu wit ya lil Almondy self, imma start callin yu Almond Joy ctfu martin is too funny

  20. Still up playin 2k, hmu

  21. She jus called me "Flashy" lol I dnt stunt

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