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  1. Everybody Done Forgot Somebody Name Once They Told Them B4.

  2. We HiGH - On The Way To Steak &Shake. Want Something Back ? Give Me Yo Money Ahaha.

  3. Amber This , April That. Where The Head-Hunter's At ? Ahaha ; )

  4. Yea You Might Be A ' Keeper ' But Tonight You Just A Hoe ; )

  5. Welp. #KarmasAbitch. She Told Me But She Don't Know This Her Cousin Middle Name On Me ; ) #ThatShitCray

  6. Why You Loving These Niggas ? I Just Get Money , I Don't Fuck With Y'all Niggas. Bitches Are 4 All , I Ain'… (cont) http://t.co/JvWDrANH

  7. Walk In My Room You Be Like ' Damn Where The Register ? ' All Them Adidas Like I Joined The Adidas Club.

  8. Its 9 Of Us. We ALL Dark-Skin But Our Lil Sister Luv. Her Light Ass

  9. Whats Louie My Killer RT @jonahKEEPaPiece: wuts gucci my nigguh.?

  10. You Cool Sweetiie. Just Checkn Making Sure You Cool. #RNS. @AwManWhatAGirl

  11. Good Morning To All My Short People. We In This Bitch. Short Over Everything

  12. Finna Get My Cup Of Grape Juice.

  13. RT @ManagerAnthony: If u dont promote yourself & all u do is talk about sex on twitter. And shit Keep your day job #MusicBiz101

  14. Alot Of Pill Heads In Nashville. I Ain't Fuckin With It

  15. Its Getting Super Fuckn Cold. Y'all Hoes Better Wear Clothes Going To The Club. They Don't Let Sick Bitches In The Club. Sneezing

  16. Wonder Who All Ima See 2Marro At Opry Mills For The Theater Job Cause I Know Ima Be There.

  17. Lol I Just Wanted To Tell You. But Yea Ima Let Cha Know What Day @AdoreAsh

  18. Congratulations To My Nigga 4 Life/BestCousin D Muthafuckin Boogy For His New Born Yesterday At 7:55. Damn Cuz Let Me Make A Baby Bruh Lol

  19. Good Morning Beautiful Ladies. #Note4Day : You're Only As Beautiful As You Allow Yourself To Be. Nobody Control's Yo Beauty Beside Self

  20. But Other Then The Broke Bitches Me & My Nigga Shook It On MTSU Campus. Got HiGH On They Shit

  21. Long Island Ice Tea >>>>>

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