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  1. RT “@PiscesAreUs: Sometimes #Pisces care, sometimes they don't.”

  2. Sad but true.. Lol .. RT @PiscesAreUs: #Pisces go in and out of having those mushy feelings.

  3. Watching "ONCE UPON A TIME" on ABC.. pretty good show!

  4. Watching "HORRIBLE BOSSES"...

  5. RT @PiscesAreUs: When you speak #Pisces arent hung up on the words you said but why you said it

  6. I guess I'll take my chances.. SMH..

  7. Word!!! RT @PiscesAreUs: When #Pisces say they yearn for intimacy, that goes beyond just the physical

  8. It just occurred to me that today is my last day at home with my son. :( Didnt hit me until now. Wish I had more time.

  9. Ok I'm done floodin the timelines.. Now that everyone hates me tonight.. I'm off this.. LOL #Duecez

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