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  1. Just picked up @BadAzz2k11 mixtapes bout to see what it's talkin bout

  2. U ever look at somebody and just knew their breath stank ya one of those situations right now

  3. RT @kelz1911: @DjTFBrad But you ain't tryna get on nothin

  4. I love hitting Valdosta. I get to see the palm trees I've been missing lol

  5. Passing thru the 229

  6. Up early gotta hit Valdosta today

  7. Headed back to the country #colga

  8. Ya if u didn't come to the #WTT concert I missed some real shit #Str8^

  9. Got school work to finish fml

  10. Listen to #WTT all day today and tomorrow

  11. I'm a be sleep on dat ass

  12. RT @J_COLumBO: @DjTFBrad like go cop the bottle for tonight lol.

  13. Just seen a horrible reck on Gentian Blvd car on fire #sendingmyprays

  14. RT @GreenHitz: Beyonce – Party [Remix] (Ft. J.Cole) http://t.co/nbuSY1ab

  15. Got some exclusive @2chainz for y'all tomorrow #teamcsu @StreetExecs is the team bitch! http://t.co/nowBQVsI

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