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  1. "Take What's Mine" - JMIC featuring Young Buck and Mikey Mike (Prod. Whiteboy Fresh) drops on December. 1st. TELL EVERYONE!

  2. Adding the most interactive tweeps and unfollowing inactives using Tweepi's geeky Twitter tools. http://t.co/WHlojP5g

  3. JMIC ft. The Beattoven - Drugs: http://t.co/FKwbm1RS

  4. New post: NEW MUSIC :: BIG Feat. JMIC- Sick Wit It Soundz http://t.co/RMb2NkaI

  5. New post: NEW MUSIC :: Yelawolf - Let's Roll ft. Kid Rock http://t.co/ve70mwmT

  6. New post: NEW MUSIC :: D.Spell - How To Love (LIL WAYNE COVER) http://t.co/lla99VJA

  7. New post: NEW MUSIC :: Eyes Wide by Haymaker http://t.co/K5QnFp79

  8. Another day in paradise.

  9. New post: NEW VIDEO :: Mac Miller - Party on 5th Ave http://t.co/34EYKnOG

  10. Post Edited: NEW MUSIC :: "Drugs" - JMIC featuring The Beattoven http://t.co/u3iKkf0K

  11. New post: NEW VIDEO :: XV - U.F.C. http://t.co/wPQoUv07

  12. New post: NEW VIDEO :: Logic - All I Do http://t.co/kvl8lv6r

  13. Networking with DJs via @GreenHitz!

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