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  1. “@Shananigans707: I hate when people put sugar on their spaghetti #yuck” hell naww i used to load mines upppp back in the day!! Soo good

  2. Tonite you can catch me spinning @Sleepnightclub got alot of new things to get out to yall!!

  3. One more day til my Ravens beat down these riders!!

  4. Last night my dude @DJ_GBlack came thru big time for me!! Thanks homie again

  5. #xfactor - Chris Rene really sucked and he got choose over Phil is some BS right there!! LA bad move bro BAD MOVE

  6. I got them Ls back!! Ya boi is back in business

  7. Today is the the day, wish me luck in Court today!!

  8. Everyone go follow my fellow friend and Artist @LenKnox he is an up and coming artist bout to make it!!

  9. #igetrealmadwhen people cant do shit for themselfs or even let alone think for themselfs!! lazy ass people!!

  10. go to http://t.co/YMV854OX and DOWNLOAD my NEW "Coo Beanz" Mixtape... **NEW** Yess its FIRE!!

  11. They said Palmer needs to work off some of the rust, this mofo been rusty since he left USC! Hahaha

  12. Hardesty has gotten more carries today then Hillis all yr!! Smh

  13. “@jameeleighty81: This game is going to put me to sleep” // its nothing NEW, ive always fallen asleep during the browns game for yrs now!

  14. I love to hear other DJs!! Lol lets me know how much more advanced I am in this game!! DJ is an Art but u got to have concepts too!!

  15. All my fellow DJs make sure yall follow @GreenHitz to stay updated on NEW MUSIC!!

  16. DOWNLOAD my NEW MIXTAPE #CooBeanz October Edition>>>> http://t.co/FKuS5XkK

  17. By the way I finished up that "Coo Beanz October 2011" Mixtape last night ad if you want it >>>>>> DOWNLOAD >>> http://t.co/FKuS5XkK

  18. Networking with DJs via @GreenHitz!

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