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  1. Smokers Club Chi? RT @SirMichaelRocks What's the haps

  2. 'Go ILL: @MCTreeG - Summertime in the Chi (Official Music Video... http://t.co/xl1WOH3t

  3. 'Go ILL: @Jcolenc - Lost Ones (Official Music Video) http://t.co/TLiRFwYt

  4. Why is it that I always see the @thesouthernmac truck right after I eat a filling meal?

  5. Many updates at http://t.co/KHJXT3NR, check it out, retweet, support! Thanks fam.

  6. 'Go ILL: FatBoi Fresh a.k.a. Big Wiz - Eeeeeiiii Charlie (O... http://t.co/vFtolF9x @FatboiakaBiGWiZ

  7. I tied my own shoes once, it was an overrated experience RT @ShawnChrys "Prom Shit" on iTunes november 1st!!

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