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  1. #Fact RT @MrWordsWorth: A&E reminds you that you can order Hoarders on DVD. Along with other A&E shows. And that's how Hoarding begins, kids


  3. Always and forever. RT @tuckfwitter In short, no matter how fine you think you are, personality will always win out at some point.

  4. All of my good days outweigh my bad days...I won't complain.

  5. Yes. RT @Nerd_Ferguson Andrew Luck watching this planning his best Eli swerve move for draft day.

  6. Hope the homie @LanceMoore16 puts in work this evening.

  7. "The Brett Favre Wild West Variety Show"

  8. Goodness. What a play.

  9. Out here frying chicken. Grilling. Sipping.

  10. Smoking this parking lot up. Ribs next. Fryer out here as well.

  11. Just played #Clockwork with @Asky84 and gave some explanations about the layout.

  12. Got a lot of food for tomorrow ready tonight. Played Pleasure's "Future Now" album and found a sample UGK used.

  13. Troops coming home eh. Real question is: how long will they be home?

  14. Alan Keyes and Herman Cain. Some ol busters.

  15. The #GangstaFred album is in the works. Me at the boards. @Eratic on rhymes. #StyrofoamCoolerMusic

  16. Down here handling marriage license biz and run into some kids I know from the old gig. Ha!

  17. The @ButlerU homecoming feast is ready. @asky84 will be cooking with me. It's gonna be glorious.

  18. What is "Just For Me" Alex? RT @Dart_Adams I wish there was a Jeopardy category called "Old BET Commercials"....

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