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  1. damn I'd love to talk to her right now..

  2. walk by a klan meeting like "O K K K" #LilJohnVoice

  3. nobody is ugly. some people just don't catch your eye

  4. the same night I follow @SamuelLJackson I have a dream this muhhfucka tried to kill me!

  5. "lol" holds no meaning to the thumbs of girls

  6. it would make my day if @ChicagoLives followed me lol

  7. cause I walked into a room full of people and found the empty table

  8. what we want is waiting for us. tho it may not be what you're chasing currently

  9. don't let people entertain the negative curiosity we all have

  10. I hope y'all cpu's break and your phones die

  11. I love to see girls upset

  12. I think record companies are finding any fucking 13 yr old white boys they can to get money from these lil ass girls

  13. I shouldn't be hungry right now :/

  14. not many people can make a beautiful song. luckily I have one for you. ever wanted to "skydive"? now you can.. http://t.co/HxYmfnFR