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  1. This shit is not what it is niggaz gotta expand eerry nigga in #c9 should be half way on rite now but this miami shit crazy

  2. I will tag the shit out of diana ross daughter tall ass

  3. its cool its cool its cool.....all the money in the world still wouldnt be this cool

  4. I wonna burn right now but I'm hungry

  5. A young nigga tatted hell yeah I'm crazy

  6. S/O to all the blogs who posted #GETFWAY Ima drop something new for y'all this week or next week

  7. Life is about how u feel and what u do

  8. I wonna move to new york or la

  9. Half card..half money huh??

  10. No matter what to some people ill never be good enough but that's fine cause I make my family happy

  11. Chris johnson act like he not a goon from Fla no more ball on these niggaz show why we the #1 football state

  12. Streets=jail,or dead..Women=drama,or kids I ain't got time for it..and I'm rappin but not for the fame