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  1. whatup bro ?! thanx for the add

  2. Artists..send your IP3'D RADIO EDITS to MOFOEXPERIENCE@GMAIL.COM for airplay consideration and Get ready for this... http://t.co/wwzDvbrV

  3. whats the move yall?! whatchall gettin into?

  4. #liesthatalwaysworked in reverse, "ONLY GOD COULD JUDGE ME"...

    this is why she is single.

  5. we got @JLYN773 on the line right now! hit me up wit ya questions or jus tune in http://t.co/E6Kq0C8Y

  6. #confession i have been battling with the demon of playing @iamladyluck 's music. should i succumb to temptation or be delivered from evil?

  7. Check Out Gyroscope's New Website. http://t.co/PD4KomAd GS Radio, Infinte Sounds DJ's, MK Images, Black Boot... http://t.co/ImWMzKh7

  8. morning time, twitterlings!

  9. NAS-the world is yours(villain remix)_Produced by chrismorale http://t.co/GmtwVjkv

  10. #thingslongerthankimsmarriage=this conversation about lyrics that i grew up listening to. #hiphop

  11. at times, i wish Kim Kardashian was the girl that i had an abortion by.

  12. Kim Kardashian, will you marry me?

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