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  1. My daddy always gets all worked up over politics & I just sit there & laugh

  2. Lol that was a good game

  3. Yes , its almost time to leave : )

  4. Im making sure I go to that basketball game today, just to get out of 4th :)

  5. Man You're Cut Off use to be my show

  6. Lmao , This dude in the steeet almost fell off his bike

  7. 'Bout to go to sleep tho

  8. So Ms.Quigley told me, Shakira, & @Sammie_Simone she was gonna kick us out the class today lol

  9. So Ms.Quigley told me, Shakira & @Sammie_Simone she was kick us out lol

  10. I cant stand when Mr.Epps drinks like 5 cups of coffee then decides to start talking !

  11. If I do i'll toss & turn the whole night. Weird sh.t, I guess.

  12. I be waitin' for The Parkers to come on when I get home!

  13. Ughh I think im gettin' a pimple

  14. So Mr.Dillard mad? Lol

  15. In other news, my bestfriend @Sammie_Simone's birthday is tomorrow :)

  16. Doing this late math homework :/

  17. Monday, the most depressing day of the week

  18. So theres a ambulance in our neighborhood. Wonder what happened.

  19. What is going on today. Like foreal.

  20. i cant stand having the hiccups

  21. Mac Miller video on 106 >>>

  22. Nothin' but sleeping, eating, tweeting, & texting for this weekend :)

  23. Well the least @Chelsea_Q_H could do is follow back! lol

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