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  1. Yeah almost time to go!

  2. Is hungry! But so thankful I was able to duck some of that 695 traffic! How are y'all doing?

  3. Hi everyone. How's ya day so far?

  4. YOOooooo! #MNF just got crazier. I know most of y'all don't need play by play. WIll KC WHEN THIS WITH A FG? OH KNOW A INT!

  5. As much music as I have. I just found Lay Your Head On My Pillow! So glad I found this! Now will it help me @home?

  6. I really don't know what goes on @times. One day your on the next your off. Life is really funny @times.#GORAVENS. Glad they pulled it out

  7. I want to go out tonight. And I never wanna go out. I wonder what that means?

  8. Funniest rhyme I heard 2day is from the movie Rio. Yo said "I'm unwashable, unrinseable. Like an abandoned school, I have no principles" lol

  9. Wow they really want to lose this game. I hope Harbaugh don't get arrested tonight on a gang injunction. He throwing that red flag ain't he

  10. it's always a good night when one of my favorite ladies sings. @lalahhathaway you are one of the best! Check her out now on @jimmyfallon

  11. I hope the night has been a good one for ya. Mine has. Not because something happened. But because all that could have DID'NT! Thank u JESUS

  12. Good evening Good people. How is your night going?

  13. Enjoy your bed while u can. Those sounds will become snores. Don't worry some1 good will take care of that@Tee_Hee89

  14. My phone is really wack!

  15. that's a good one@MarshaAmbrosius

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