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  1. So my supervisor slick ass set me up... She only treated me to lunch cuz of this 3,000 page document I need to have done by 3 pm!... :-(

  2. Cup of joe and im ready to work... (not really doe)

  3. My bad for hogging the blunts #badhabit

  4. Wow Gloria Estevan #LuvHer she comn out the wood work and has a track with pharrell...

  5. RT @twhitee: Ok people what we talking bout today ¥ NWA!!! jk lol

  6. If you've been withholding your feelings, it's time to release... More for Aries http://t.co/KvYILTmV

  7. Gone my way to work... Sleepy mane.... need my cup of Joe asap!!

  8. This shit just blew my hunger high with mushrooms in my food... :-(

  9. RT @XSTROLOGY: #Aries are hard workers and are always up for competition. ¥ TRUE!

  10. Gonna need to go shopping one size up from waist down soon... :-/

  11. You may be fast-talking early in the day, but you could grow t... More for Aries http://t.co/KvYILTmV

  12. Either im loosing it, or I think I just heard sombody moan o_O?

  13. Some might know who The Verve is.. I like them too

  14. Got me havn attitudes with people I dont mean to be moody to... Smh...