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  1. This #troydavis case is EXACTLY what my brother Ramone is going through. My prayers go out to #troydavis and his family. I understand #smh

  2. Is that rain I hear???

  3. Dear Keisha, Jawan Harris has been callin you. Please answer that boy so i dnt have to hear him singin your name all damn day. Signed Jordan

  4. Oh and Good Morning everyone! :)

  5. "I was boy until i was born." ~Andrea aka Andy lmao

  6. My pocket would be soooo heavy if i put him in there.

  7. "Texts are welcome! #smh

  8. Dizzamn. Looks like imma be up all tomorrow doin random ass work for classes i dont give a shit about. #smh #slackin

  9. Locked out my own fuckin room. #fml

  10. I made so many promises to God in one minute. Lol

  11. And it aint gonna be me!

  12. yo is i was pregnant...i give all my followers the right to shoot me in the face. #forreal.

  13. "I was born alone so I'm content with being alone."

  14. "This the fuckin anthem, get it? The FUCKIN anthem."