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  1. #YouShouldBeEmbarrassed to do all dat cursin and den say "stick it in his booty" lmao

  2. Lmao RT @RayePiercedUp Naw son....tell me Ray J didn't slap Fab n got away wit it. Dont believe it

  3. I'm up, I'm up, its early in the mornin (juiceman voice)

  4. Caught 12 passes but the 13th was the one he really needed smh

  5. Cam out here lookin like a rookie now

  6. Having j Lo in the commercial still not gon make me want a fiat

  7. We're not even goin to get into the talkin back part cuz that's a s.o.s for black parents

  8. if u a dude and u can get ur whole hand in ur pockets, while standing, dem shits r too damn small

  9. Networking with DJs via @GreenHitz!