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  1. RT @kemzkemz: @dr_foki you are being summoned.yes mastr

  2. nebody got a moses? LOL

  3. When having an "I love you more" argument with your significant other, tell them they're right. They'll appreciate your agreeable nature.

  4. by far one o d best music vids i evr saw http://t.co/cd12q0VI

  5. RT @RCFSloth: RT @Shanzaaaaaay: Sarika curses unnecessarily.--i luv it

  6. "you're hot, i'm in heat we're a match...waiting to ignite"-Denny Crane

  7. RT @Kym_Kimmi: OH NA NA...what's my name?--kimberley

  8. i cnt even rmbr which 1 i give up at

  9. http://t.co/VRx0Ekk2 yes i waited all month for this 2 minute video

  10. RT @kemzkemz: So depressing.. Sitting here all alone :( on a big table lol where are my friends! :(--scattered across the globe

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