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  1. Dat nigga said he run the west coast . FYM he a bitch lhfh . Where da fuck he from lmao . not the west

  2. What the fuck you thought , FACTION still grindin finna make 2.5 dropping soon / / / / S//O @MoBadAzz & @your_momsNEW_BF for the idea

  3. my nigga @MoBadAzz got me hollin . said this video from back in the day was a bootleg love song LOL http://t.co/aRFi2mmX

  4. The niggas who never talk to the girls be like "Where the hoes at" and when they around its crickets with him . ahaha low key gay

  5. http://t.co/Xa2SFFuX

    If you aint hip on the FACTION yet . you out here slackin #realtalk

  6. "PAGING DOCTOR FAGGOT" Lhfh . the hangover never gets old

  7. Twitter hella dead atm . finna make a beat #fuckwitme