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  1. I can still rap the entire Keenan and Kel theme song. Coolio laid it down.

  2. Air checks: the scariest thing I have heard in months

  3. Quit complaining and wishing things would happen. Get out there and make it happen; #NutUpOrShutUp

  4. I miss being able to yell "G-UNIT" in any situation and have it be socially relevant.

  5. The sexiest thing a woman can wear is confidence.

  6. My hats aren't the only thing I leave whenever I leave your arms....

  7. Welp. Time to learn how to run a morning show.

  8. Spike it with 2 seconds left? Christ, Bill Stewart had better clock control then that.

  9. Some of these djs. I will give you my set list; you still couldn't do it as well as me.

  10. Motto for 2012: If it doesn't feed me, give me a job, or help me buy bottles for my team, then I want nothing to do with it.

  11. I just woke up and it's dark again. Fuck this noise.

  12. On this talk show now, the topic is how raccoons are going to turn ferral and kill all humans. I have no idea where these people come from

  13. My mix will be on air from 11:30 to midnight, and again at 2:30. And I will be in the studio from midnight until 8am! #WorkPaysOff

  14. People who drink and drive deserve to have their kids raised by Casey Anthony.

  15. Shane is such a fucking dick. Fuck him.

  16. Funniest thing to see on my TL today: People who think the world is ending tonight. Pretty sure the #ZombieApocolypse isn't until Dec. 2012

  17. Alright my insomniac tweeps, who wants to preview this NYE mix for me? I need a set of fresh ears

  18. Fresh chicken nuggets are better than sex.

  19. What's the ONE song you DON'T want to hear at midnight on New Years?

  20. I just realized that I am never going to look like an "adult." Ever. Damn these terrible genes.

  21. I can tell when @BuddyFresh gets bored because he logs in on Facebook as "Hardly Anyone" and starts liking all my posts....

  22. And it's pretty funny how some people are on your team for who is already on your team. I see you. Don't think I'm already closing my circle

  23. This cold pizza is off of the fucking hook right now. Ham and pineapple is the best pizza combo. #DealWithIt

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