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  1. come join me. enuf to go round. #INEXCESS RT @dorothy_wayne: Hungwie

  2. Still in da studio. Finishing this pop beat. #ILOVEPOPMUSIC

  3. still on the matter. RT @Spellzjamin: @oshproduction Sup....will holla soon. Hw's d mixtape coming?

  4. i dey o! u? RT @SeanKD1: @oshproduction wetin dey brov!

  5. they do am dey go RT @DerrickMorris: RT @oshproduction *sorry sir**

  6. God gave me and i'll take it by force. lol RT @abbyflowtv: @oshproduction itz God's given cnt be taken#sowi

  7. thank God. Gud nyt RT @dorothy_wayne: Sleep here I come

  8. so u wait 4 me to tweet b4 u rply? hmm! im nt *smiling* RT @abbyflowtv: @oshproduction neva ran

  9. Wish i could get this system... I've got hope

  10. call 1st RT @MrSamJamz: Bruv id try n see u today... Hope ud be in ooo?--->RT @oshproduction: @MrSamJamz where u at o!?

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