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  1. Finally hit the 9 double 0

  2. Hurrikkanne & Mack 5 - Mojo So Dope.. http://t.co/mNupYPZ

  3. I h8 when I try to retweet some shit and I can't because they be protecting they shit.... Tha fuck....

  4. Lyrikill Assassins (J.R.ight, Hurrikkanne, J Blacc, Mack 5, & MookDogg) - Bull$#!+.. http://t.co/ueMmPbT

  5. Me and my niggas live in a #LkAUniverse...You needa spaceship to fuck w/ us... #NC

  6. Networking....

    1. Money Stacks

      Money Stacks

      Hurrikkanna, I just started this account on greenhitz ... any pointers on how to get things moving?

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