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  1. Common's diss to Drake is the realest shit ever tho... "and no mistake im talkin to Drake" ".... and that hoe ass nigga!"

  2. I don't see a single college student tweetin bout #inColumbus .. they all high schoolers hahahahaha

  3. Everybody gettin back to school and headboards already knocking lol.. y'all wild

  4. We just clowned the fuck outta this mane LMAO!!!

  5. ok... im gone, i cant deal with yall today, go wash your hair in battery acid or sumn, ill see yall tomorrow

  6. tonight i den looked at so many of my followers avi's yall are a pretty decent bunch of people who put a lot of time into this twitter shit!

  7. Bwahahaha I just tweeted in olde english.... old with an e

  8. I'm steady drinkin this shit and I can't even taste it anymore

  9. SIKE! u niggas aint gon show back up at school and destroy my crib off top, gon na! lol

  10. RT @PLUSSIZECOOL Cant wait to watch the new Napoleon Dynamite Cartoon!!! Gonna be hilarious ^___^

  11. What is it? Nobody answer for DJ day? Aight cool.. bye

  12. if someone walked in and saw me right now they would think i was a crazy person, im crackin up watching gumball

  13. Look at what these idiots did to this bong tho lmao! http://t.co/sKVYhuLx

  14. Skyrim has terrible game development in the areas where he can just walk thru water

  15. So @amellionbucks asked me "have u ever had kinky twists?!" Then continued speakin like she didn't ask me that smh

  16. people be having on these Interstate chains and dont even know what interstate runs through their state lol

  17. ok im going to watch tv and try to go back to sleep

  18. Yup... had em all fucked up tonight... taco bell and to the house

  19. when club owners tell me i cant play a certain song.... i play it anyway, point is, u not the one paying me

  20. she all in the bed n shit, im just sittin here.... tweetin lol, i aint really sleepy tho

  21. When u know somebody a hoe and they don't even know.. haha

  22. Keep fogetting tomorrow isn't friday

  23. I'm sorry but this lil "hoe nickname" shit at state gettin outta hand, y'all bouta lose some respect

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