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  1. Just watched the new @ludacris video on WSHH...u niggaz gotta problem #sayittomyface

  2. can I get a follow back @beenbouje?

  3. DJ ANGELO - Reloop Jockey 3 routine (Turntablism vs Controllerism + Beatboxing!) | DJ Portal TV http://t.co/jrlp4BzH

  4. This just in: Tom Brady says fuck #TEBOWING #TEAMPATRIOTS

  5. Lupe Fiasco - Double Burger With Cheese [unOfficial] http://t.co/n2jaGemR #WSHH via @worldstar

  6. DAYUMMMMM!!!!! @msjonez88 is killin it wit tha nipple rings...a shot of #1800s to u ma...#SALUD: http://t.co/EuIgAMp0

  7. THIS SHIT IZ GANGSTA: iPhone 4S Siri Raps Notorious B.I.G's "Hypnotize"! http://t.co/y6GNmmIw

  8. 3 shots of #1800s while I'm spin'n & I'm still goin' strong @ this dj shit...@liltunechi feat. @TIP. & @Drake - She Will[Remix] on tha decks

  9. Ratchet Azz Heauxs: Goldiggin To The MAX "You Play Basketball?" u play basketball? http://t.co/BrY1I8wY

  10. Smh If you send me a follow request put a fuckn pic on your profile #noeggpictures

  11. This is on some Eminem shit: Legit - A N*gger In Northface http://t.co/iZ86RJrf

  12. DUMB MUHFUCKA: Robbing Ultimate Fighting Expert Proves To Be Bad Decision « CBS Chicago: http://t.co/PBrLLVqe.

  13. How you let the white boy whoop yo ass shawty...http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhWw7GWc30bE91RzHW

  14. Funny Shit: Why People Oversleep! [Comedy Skit] http://t.co/FCa1kevG

  15. For All U iPhone Muhphuckas: Ghetto Azz Siri iPhone App! [Comedy Skit] http://t.co/exepD2z4

  16. Smmfh...somebody tell @Big_Jamaal to go kill yoself...this nigga was actin like a str8 bitch...you dont send yo ex a video like that...

  17. S/O to @djsoap for showing love...i follow back and take a shot of 1800s fo ya...

  18. I saw @ItsDRecord youtube vid and he understands what it means to #grind...don't sleep on him...

  19. Take this fuckshit off Twitter RT @GreenHitz Video: Soulja Boy - "Swisher Sweet Swag" (Music Video) - @SouljaBoy http://t.co/lFJh68YM

  20. Fitted Cap by J-Man feat. Lil' Mike by JManPME via #soundcloud http://t.co/DplEtHgm

  21. >>>>>>JUST WATCH THE VIDEOhttp://t.co/spNv83Jq

  22. Here is the black version of Everest College: Everest College Commercial! (Hood Version)[Parody] http://t.co/F9il7y3C via @worldstar

  23. No man deserves this bullshit: http://t.co/vHwG6q9N

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