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  1. S/o @VaTalent, we preciate the support!

  2. Best sleep I've gotten in awhile. Need this dude to hurry up n fix my car so I can head back to Bmore for break

  3. Damnnnn. Been asleep since 2 pm. About to go back to bed haha. #winterbreak

  4. Well guess that nap is gonna have to wait

  5. if your in the league making millions, there's really no excuse for blown coverage, especially that bad

  6. Ryan Grant finally showed up at the right time, first round of fantasy playoffs #advancing

  7. After talking to @MackennaMarie about last night, its pretty evident we are related haha #blackout

  8. Ace knockin' my speakers.....

  9. Miller Lite's genius vortex bottle design made no difference what so ever

  10. Dead tired right now and can't fall asleep

  11. "Now I’m buyin’ weed on some grown shit. When I say grown I’m talkin’ bout the man who grows it"

  12. Every year I tell myself I'll do good in the beginning so I don't worry about finals, didn't happen this semester either lol

  13. It's time to start bringing jerseys back. Always wanted the Dickerson throwback, might have to happen #ThrowbacksBack

  14. This @AceHood #TheStatement2 is about to blow up my speakers, this shit is raw

  15. Browns are beat, chalk this one up

  16. Me and my friends are safe, keep the families of the victims in your prayers #VT

  17. This Jeezy ft Fab n Jadakiss is on repeat, can't wait to see what's up with TM 103

  18. If my followers show atleast 1 new person @KillaJGetItPopn's music and friends do the same, we start a movement #AAO http://t.co/PESFFwoI

  19. I'd travel all over the world to see you baby, I'm definitely your biggest fan

  20. Rainy day, who's still going out tonight despite shitty weather and upcoming finals?

  21. Well wishes to my opposition

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