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  1. 6x200 meter sprints tomorrow... fugg my life

  2. i want them Jordans that come out tomorrow

  3. Nicki Minaj Pink Friday is the only album i can warm up too !!!

  4. One month away until the opening season

  5. “@Sports_Greats: Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't. -Jerry Rice”

  6. Moment of silence to all my past relations, this will be the last time you come up in my conversation

  7. Bout to practice in the rain... This shit sucks

  8. “@EAR_JORDAN: Why niggas never TwitPic what matter? GPA, 401K, credit score, savings account balance. ”It's only Twitter.””

  9. Some times I just don't get it right.. But I'll never stop trying. Determination is the defining characteristic of my personality...

  10. my webpage will be done soon.... thanks Carista

  11. “@BunnynTigra: I'm starving”

  12. Im done Christmas shopping until next year

  13. “@datsCaylawithaC: Ion like being in clubs anymore...”

  14. Bout to see what 5 guys burger joint is about

  15. Bout to go Christmas shopping

  16. My mama called me this morning talking bout Christmas lights. Lady take yo ass to sleep

  17. 10x80 meter sprints

  18. “@Mr_KUTPRO: I wonder where all the Deltas will be tonight? #childish

  19. that what i just said was just soooooo ghetto

  20. Jumping n the 18 wheeler everyday was a great moment

  21. Just deleted 14 numbers outta my phone...

  22. WWW.teamtru-flight.tumblr.com

  23. 2 years of wasted time

  24. Julian just blew me for real.... I can't even laugh at that shit she just said

  25. I need to save some money for Cliff and @Co_Ca_inE wedding... Real friends help with the cost... Cocaine white wedding

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