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  1. LmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Dog I hate @HEEZY_BthyNAME lmaooooooooo

  2. RT @HeartBreakV: The Neptunes Produced "Glory" Too Cold!!

  3. You have a significant social role to play today as the nurtur... More for Libra http://t.co/QHYsEXp6

  4. TF??! Man I'm out dog RT @WHITsaid: @iAmKidMcFly Mann, he on here talking bout his dick not being curved. -____-

  5. Oh word? RT @_TrynaUseARubba bernie mac hands down is the funniest nigga alive

  6. Swaaaag RT @theDYNAMICS: First the Twitter account, now official baby showers at King of Diamonds? http://t.co/eYtiEGB1

  7. Your mind is operating at an incredibly high speed today, yet ... More for Libra http://t.co/QHYsEXp6

  8. okay back to work....A&R flow....im ghost

  9. Hoes happy Beyoncé had her baby while they tweeting from the club and left they kids home alone smh

  10. Lmaooooo man Ali on one

  11. RT @NBA: RT @ByTimReynolds: NBA 1st quarter high this season by a player entering tonight was Kevin Love, 17. Tonight, LeBron scored 22.

  12. Sharing your dreams with someone you trust enables you to stay... More for Libra http://t.co/QHYsEXp6

  13. Tired as hell driving home :(

  14. man I forgot Ross got me blocked lmaoooo

  15. Did you Google this? RT @Mr_Quagmir3: What we do in life echoes an eternity


  17. Soooooo tired but gotta keep going

  18. Today goes well for you if you can keep your feelings to yours... More for Libra http://t.co/QHYsEXp6

  19. Fuckin right!!! RT @starrahlicious But u eatin doe RT @iAmKidMcFly Struggle life got me buying 25 packs of Noodles and Simply Raspberry lol

  20. Next check tho....new tables and a mixer b!!

  21. Smh here you go lol RT @StarrShinin: supa soaka aquafina

  22. Man we in there lol RT @KovertNUPE: @iAmKidMcFly @muepsilon_dst •clears schedule for that date lol

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