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Status Updates posted by DJTreez

  1. Survival of the Fittest, respect my come up @YoungDolph

  2. I'm a hustler first

  3. Pierre Thomas makin his money 2nite

  4. The Lions zoomed down field...Lets go Saints

  5. Still up gettin 2 it...u should be like me

  6. Tryna lock in a lil ATL gig Feb. 18th...lets see what happens

  7. I had a dream I drew the Saints in the Playoff pot...felt pretty real until I woke up lol... smh

  8. Damn Clemson...lol

  9. S/O 2 my favorite Video Vixen @Esther_Baxter for the @TwoInTheShirt collabo! First African American Woman to break the ice!

  10. What was talked about more this NFL Season? Peyton Manning's Neck or Tim Tebow???

  11. Money Train where u at?

  12. All I know is how to TRAP

  13. My mother turns 56 tomorrow, Loves her...

  14. This really hurts smh

  15. Round of Applause, baby make that Ass Clap *CLAP CLAP*

  16. That boy @DonCannon acted a fool last nite at @CompoundATL ...especially when he played the Ghost Town DJs...much respect

  17. #PrettyDevasting Jan. 28th in Bowling Green, KY...Did ya miss me BG??? @stayfreshy @hennyhuxtable @ItsDJTreez

  18. So if I die Wednesday instead of Thursday who gives a shyt...lmao #QuotesfromTRIPPIN

  19. S/O 2 @nikestore for the hookup! Only way I could get them! #XIConcords http://t.co/g4ksPASP

  20. I liked the Saints since they opened the season...and I liked them 2 years ago when they won it, may be the same result this year

  21. I'm tired as shyt yo...due for a nap

  22. S/O 2 Momz for the Sunday Meal...ova here #FuperSull lol (i.e. Super Full for the snails)

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